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About Us

We, TheMailer.in are a multi-lingual news, opinion and knowledge website, owned by Ahmedabad based Keyboard Media and published since January 2019. The website is focused on various news related aspects; right from current affairs, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, science and technology and more. The website was started with an aim to serve only Gujarati reading audience, but understanding the potential, it was eventually decided to venture into being a multi-lingual platform.

The Team – TheMailer.in is run by a team of independent (unpaid) freelance writers and / or journalists, who have previously served known media organisations across India.  The team members work from Gujarat and Mumbai simultaneously from their personal work-desks and during their free time as they are committed to their respective employers.

Our Belief – We believe that in providing unbiased and accurate new and information to our readers.

Our team is committed to minimise and correct errors that might occur. Readers who point out errors in our content will be treated with respect and thanked. When a correction is made, a line will acknowledge the error in the previous versions of the copy. Anything unfair or factually inaccurate will be duly acknowledged, with regret where called for.

We are committed to produce content without prejudice or malice or any political / religious / regional or caste biasedness.

We are not directly or indirectly related to any other media organisation nor do any of them hold any legal or moral responsibility whatsoever for the content published by Keyboard Media on its website – TheMailer.in on any of its other (social media) platforms.