Buddhist Heritage Walk in in Akhnoor, organised by Jammu & Kashmir’s tourism board

On occasion of Buddha Purnima, the Jammu & Kashmir Tourism Board organised a heritage walk in Akhnoor. The heritage sites of Akhnoor date back to the Harappan times and are of immense importance for the believers of Buddhism.

The heritage walk, intended to promote tourism, started from Jio Pota Ghat which is located on the banks of river Chenab where Raja Gulab Singh was coronated by Maharaj Ranjeet Singh. The heritage walk covered important points in the Buddhist circuit like the Jio Pota Ghat, Pandav Gufa and Ambaran.

Speaking to Mid-Day, the Director of Tourism, Jammu, Sri. OP Bhagat told the newspaper that they get a rare chance to talk about the heritage sites like these as they came to light after excavations.

Ambaran is a Buddhist monastic complex on the right bank of river Chenab near Akhnoor dating back from 1st century BCE to 4th-5th century CE.

These monastic complexes like Ambaran not only served as important transit stations for the monks, who were constant companions to the caravans of traders ferrying goods from the Indian mainland to Kashmir and Central Asia, but also as centres for propagation of Dhamma amongst the communities residing locally in the hills.

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